Hours of Operation
We have moved to our winter hours:
Open - Saturday-Sunday 10am to 4pm
Contact our Education Department for a midweek tour! We will be open for reservations! Make your visit a memorable event!
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2015 Support!
Many Thanks to all our Amazing Volunteers and allowing us to make our mission possible! If you’re looking for a great too way to make a difference, come join the staff at YWS and leave your footprint on our future. Just call the main office today!
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Adults                                           $7
Senior                                           $6
Kids 3-12                                    $3
Kids 2 and under                     FREE
Military                                        $6
General Line
If you've discovered an injured animal please call Fish Wildlife and Parks at
Email us at: info@yellowstonewildlife.org
If you want to help us grow to be able to provide more wild animals in need with forever homes, donate today! All proceeds and donations can help another non-releasable wildlife find its sanctuary.
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